About VIBE

Violet Indigo Blue, Etc. or VIBE aims to be an online space where poetry and other forms of art intersect. We are concerned with bending genre, making the art world more accessible, and breaking down preconceived notions of what art can be and who it is for. We are interested in the materiality and physicality of the production […]

Summer 2021

Two Poems – Bee Morris Lihaaf – Rituja Patil Two Poems – Stephanie Kaylor The Captive – Ellen Huang Odyssey – Alyson Kissner Two Poems – Aida Bardissi [A traincar passenger has spilled his blueberries] – Bailey Cohen-Vera Two Poems – Leena Aboutaleb Two Poems – Eva Griffin feels like u – Dominic Calderon Daynight – James O’Leary Illyric Elegies – Mathilda Cullen Whether Mortal Men […]