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leena aboutaleb is an Egyptian and Palestinian writer, primarily searching for fruiting trees to sleep under. She can be virtually located @na5leh on Twitter.

"This collection is a rush; Leena's poems are text message & confession, love letter & manifesto, the vulnerable the political the beautiful all at once." - Summer Farah

Bailey Cohen-Vera cares about words. He is a Wiley Borkhofer Fellow in Poetry at NYU and the founder of Strange Tools, a writer's workshop program.

Yaz Lancaster, David Maduli, Madeline Corley, Carl Lewandowski, Sandra Crouch, Mathilda Cullen, & Victoria Mbabazi

Layla Maher is a writer from Georgia. Her creative writing is in Mizna, VIBE, Hobart Pulp, and elsewhere. In her free time, Layla likes to read, hike, and seek the silver linings. You can find Layla on IG @sarsoura_isdoingherbest or at her site,

Sara Falkstad, Michelle Rochniak, Jannah Yusuf Al-Jamil, Indigo Carter, &John Reed