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leena aboutaleb

leena aboutaleb is an Egyptian and Palestinian writer, primarily searching for fruiting trees to sleep under. She can be virtually located @na5leh on Twitter.

“the movement in leena aboutaleb’s dispatches weave all our usually compartmentalized dimensions together until we stop asking for directions. i don’t care when or how we are, because the Where is so visceral. the searching is How and it’s how we keep moving. we are in cairo we are in amman we are in hell we are in love and I don’t care about the destination because I want to stay inside of these poems, i want to follow the roving sharp eye of this poet and wind of her voice as it fills every space love has left behind. The simultaneous meditations and muchness of this textural collection ensures I will find and feel something new each time I return to it. I feel brave when I read these poems, like I’m a knife in my own pocket.”- Jess Rizkallah, author of the magic my body becomes

Abundantly anarchic and fastidiously crafted at the same time, this work is a love song for Palestine, Palestinians, diaspora, cities, seas, and love itself. leena aboutaleb is a poet unafraid to embrace a full, dizzying world of references, experiences—from Britney and crushes to Cairo and exile. How lucky we are to dance in the salt and shimmer of this “cosmos erupting.” – Chen Chen, author of When I Grow Up I Want to Be A List of Further Possibilities and Your Emergency Contact Has Experienced an Emergency

“This collection is a rush; Leena’s poems are text message & confession, love letter & manifesto, the vulnerable the political the beautiful all at once.” – Summer Farah

Projection is destabilized by its double meaning. It comes from the past to forecast the future; it emerges from one’s interior to shape relation in the now. In her exquisite chapbook Expeditions of Projection, leena aboutaleb moves in the flashes of this strobe, where binaries become beats that are riffed on and revised, and what happens in the dark meets what happens in the light to form a jagged, aching possibility that only becomes sexier for what evades the eye. The here and not-here of these poems is, yes, Ramallah and Amman and Cairo, but these lines aren’t mappable on anything that could be tacked to a classroom wall. To leave, aboutaleb’s poems remind me, is to be otherwise connected; to be far from is to nourish want—want, that place we might meet, become other than we are, and be more ourselves for it. How lucky to be transformed by this fierce, tender gathering. In compressed and crystalline language, aboutaleb writes with the candid intimacy of a best friend and the indelible style of a manicured nail: “breaking yr heart / is the sexiest way to break yr will.” – Claire Schwartz, author of Civil Service

themed folios

Garden Party

special extended folio

Francis Hesketh, Bryce Baron-Sips, Ellie Black, Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo, T.R. San, Sarah Ghazal Ali, Sana Mohsin, Bailey Willes, Konstantin Kulakov, Tejashree Murugan, Megan O’Driscoll, Irteqa Khan, Sam Furlong Tighe, Feargha DeCléir NíChíannaigh, Megan Luddy O’Leary, Bailey Cohen-Vera, Lara Torea, Salonee Verma, Rachelle Toarmino, Rhiannon McGavin, Summer Farah


edited by Layla Maher

Sara Falkstad, Michelle Rochniak, Jannah Yusuf Al-Jamil, John Reed


Finlay Worrallo, Bryce Baron-Sips, Samantha Fain, Eve Kenneally


edited by Bailey Cohen-Vera

Yaz Lancaster, David Maduli, Madeline Corley, Carl, Lewandowski, Sandra Crouch, Mathilda Cullen, Victoria Mbabazi


edited by Samia Saliba

JP Seabright, Annalisa Hansford, Olumide Manuel, Clarice Lima, Avery Yoder-Wells, Salonee Verma


Aida Bardissi, Rituja Patil, Lucia Gallipoli, Layla Maher, Lara Atallah, Laura Ma


edited by Summer Farah

Ariana Brown, Jannah Yusuf Al-Jamil, lee baird, Imani Davis, Salonee Verma, James O’Leary, Amelia Crowther, Mariel Fechik, Emily Khilfeh, Pragnya Haralur


Alex Mountfield, Finlay Worrallo, Malvika Jolly, Emma Fuchs, Jannah Yusuf Al-Jamil


Grace Farrell, nat raum, Kiera Lee Murray, Samson Furlong Tighe, Layla Maher


edited by Hua Xi

Zenique Gardner Perry, Madina Malahayati Chumaera, Miceala Morano, Hayley Wu, Matthew O’Rourke, Laetitia Keok, Xinyi Jiang, Rebecca Ferrier, Sarah “Nnenna’ Loveth Nwafor, Marek Kulig, Evan Wang


Clarice Lima, Malvika Jolly, Jasmine Kaur, Alex Mountfield, Emily Tracy


Ben Seanor, Samia Saliba, Zach Peckham, Dalia Barghouty, Shivani Kshirsagar

seasonal editions

Summer 2022

Summer Farah, Kailey Tedesco, Bex Hainsworth, Chen Chen, Eric Abalajon, Jonah Corren, Savannah Brown, Supriya Kaur Dhaliwal, Alice Florence Orr, Gabrielle Cole, Naihan Nath, Megan Luddy O’Leary

Spring 2022

Mahima Kapoor, Tasneem Maher, Sana Mohsin, Charlie Baylis , Danae Younge, C.M. Jones, Lauren Milici, D.R. Humble, Smriti Verma, Stephanie Valente, Zein Sa’dedin, Samson Furlong Tighe, Ava Chapman, Amlanjyoti Goswami, Jon Conley, Ren Gay, kyrah gomes, Ren Koppel Torres, Telegraph to a Constellation, Leah Kindler, Nick Edinger, Matt Mitchell in conversation with J.B. Stone, Prem Sylvester​ in conversation with Shivani Lalan, BRIE KIMBLE in conversation with Deirbhile Brennan

Monsoon 2021

Ronan Fenton, Julianna Neely – Malice, Anushka Bidani, Jack Bigglestone, Ian Haugen, Jarid McCarthy, Niharika Yadav, Ishaan Chawdhary

Summer 2021

Bee Morris, Rituja Patil – Lihaaf, Stephanie Kaylor, Ellen Huang, Alyson Kissner, Aida Bardissi, Bailey Cohen-Vera, leena aboutaleb, Eva Griffin, dominic calderon, Willow James Claire, Mathilda Cullen, Dominic Leonard, Orchid Cugini