[A traincar passenger has spilled his blueberries]

Bailey Cohen-Vera

Poor blueberries their purple stains
Like a feeling          I am feeling broodish

I am thinking about being fucked
Sober           All my days are questions

They make a wonderful audience
For my oblivion performance

They make it hard to live
Hard to pass the time

Hard to forget that I am sitting
Quietly I find the need to be dramatic

I want you to imagine me licking the blueberries
From the floor I’ll let you even imagine the state

Of my body            Its shape
I am a man

Who likes his sentences sharp
I am not interested in answers only

Avoidance I don’t mind being lonely
In fact I welcome loneliness into my room

As if it had a name as if loneliness
Was what I named my desperation

Or at least what became of it can you
See it I am on all fours as if bowing

Obedient to such colors
Tastes and small fleeting glories

Bailey Cohen-Vera is the Assistant Editor for Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review. A poet, essayist, and book reviewer, his work has appeared or is forthcoming in publications such as Shenandoah, The Iowa Review, Poet Lore, Waxwing, The Spectacle, Poetry Northwest, and Sugar House Review, among elsewhere. He has received numerous Best of the Net and Pushcart Prize nominations, and his work has been featured in several anthologies such as The BreakBeat Poets Vol.4: LatiNEXT. Serving as the organizer of the Strange Tools Writer’s Workshop, Bailey is a Wiley Birkhofer Fellow in Poetry at NYU. His website is baileycohenpoetry.weebly.com.