You, Like A Lizard – Jack Bigglestone

for one of Caravaggio’s boys you stuff a flower in my hairinsist that my shirt pullsbaring down my shoulderand takemy finger into your mouthtreacherous lips and flick tailed tonguethen bite;I can see all my measurementsscaled and sharplycaught in lidless eyesnone who seethe exquisite surfacesexquisitely framedwill know a thing of memore familiar to the plucked cherriesthe […]

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Two Poems – Ian Haugen

Service for Phoebe  us, a pair of matching uniforms                                                                behind a counter.                 a sign reads “Guest Services,”but really means                                 an expected performance. we raise our larynx                 to give                                 the sound of                                                                 something apologetic.  a customer talks to you like they know you.                                                                                 but you are bolder. we keep our messes hidden and wash our                 slacks on our days off.                                                                                                                  i wanted […]

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love letter to “studies in film: the queer eye ENG-3501-1” – Anushka Bidani

i think everything will be okay if i can watch this film till the end. i’ll sit wide-eyed in my favourite chair & curl my nails into my palms until / this absence stops yearning. every tuesday, svasti & i will quote žižek & butler in our google classroom posts & laugh about how terrible […]

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Three Poems – Ishaan Chawdhary

REASONS FOR BEGINNING In the endeverything must go –                 all the letters and photographslocked in boxes like mad intemperate animalsthat still have all their teeth,                                   the plants, nameless and making sincere pactsof decay with the lightthat grew them: windowsill funerals, even our cities are built like paper swans,meant to fold into themselves,into glowing concrete mash, […]

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Three Poems – Niharika Yadav

Quarantine On the lines of “First lines of Emails I’ve received while Quarantining”By Jessica Salfia In these uncertain times,Navigating placements,Here are two updates Just for you.We’re happy to announce!We’re watching an economy die.We have been in constant communication,Hope this finds you well. As you might be awareA new statistic revealsThree Big Questions that Still RemainIs it safe […]

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About VIBE

Violet Indigo Blue, Etc. or VIBE aims to be an online space where poetry and other forms of art intersect. We are concerned with bending genre, making the art world more accessible, and breaking down preconceived notions of what art can be and who it is for. We are interested in the materiality and physicality of the production […]

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