Ellie Black

Ellie Black is a PhD student in Creative Writing at the University of Mississippi, where she also received her MFA. Her poetry can be found in or is forthcoming from Poet Lore, Afternoon Visitor, Mississippi Review, Poetry Online, The Offing, Black Warrior Review, DIAGRAM, Best New Poets, and elsewhere.

Game Design

Living in a grass world no that’s wrong

Living in a pixel world consisting mostly


of grass     Never mind it’s water

Rendering the water on the grass


so it fractures and gleams

as like unto a screen


A screen is mostly pixels

The water we call dew


It mostly glitters under light    yellow and blue

like bits of glass     So a light world


consisting mostly of glass?     No

Well the light comes from the sun


which is a star     but the dew is also

like little stars      We have rendered


the night sky upside down into

the morning grass     in miniature


Dew is almost as small as pixels

and if inspected through tears


under light     refracts and bursts

Tears are mostly water


clear like glass     and able to reflect light

but not the same as dew     doesn’t have the same


effect     Okay     tear world

consisting mostly of tears


right?     At least that’s one lens

you can view it all through