Sana Mohsin

Sana Mohsin received her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto and her graduate degree from York. Her work has been published in Acta Victoriana, the Hart House Review, the Decameron Writing Series, and more. Her debut chapbook Grief Grows Elsewhere was published in 2022. She likes nature imagery and tea.

Rows of Lilac

In an airplane, reading Louise Gluck right when all the lights dim down and artificial stars blink onto the ceiling. In May, when real life became auto fictional, I decided not to live for earthly possessions. In the process I see signs everywhere: lilac rabbits, rose petals, shapes in the smoke. This is how I am meant to exist: liminal, in-between, like the connecting point between a river and an ocean. Spiders thread glass along my eyes; it would be unforgiveable to stop them. In my diary yesterday I wrote about the desire to write a long poem, the way someone would plan a garden. I want to show myself the same care. I attempt to open my despairs but they latch on like half-truths. I spend most of my time walking in circles, breathing in late summer.