Daynight – James O’Leary

After Jose Hernandez Diaz The boygirl with a belly button made of stars takes a late walk at night. The clouds covering the moon don’t resemble a veil so much as a child’s woven hands over an open eye. A pickup truck blasting bass blesses the asphalt with astigmatic light–if the boygirl squints, the night […]

Illyric Elegies – Mathilda Cullen

#9 Louise Glück tore up my driveway in celebration of her Nobel,said it was “a desire to produce an ongoing experience of longing.”She looked back at me through the eyes of judges. Her handsmarred with my asphalt. She said from behind a thousand eyes, “Art has not yetdeclared itself,” told me to turn around, little […]

Whether Mortal Men May Attain True Happiness – Dominic Leonard

I bite ice-cream with my       front teeth & collect badlybound books because danger    I adore you          still Iwait for the day it will hitme like being struck aroundthe face with an Alaskanking salmon        how eachfrothy bursting planet          rolls around the other &that such gracious witchery does          not cease not                    even in deathhow alive […]