T.R. San

T.R. San (they/them) is a queer poet based in Yangon who writes horror without meaning to. Their work has been published or is forthcoming in Corporeal Magazine, INKSOUNDS, and others.

The Pronoun Poem They Teach at Transsexual High

Herring myself into the ocean-

poem I root girlness out of, Leviathans


seek in me a heartbattle with lipstick

heartbutter; who/what am I


to win? Her like hurl like har har

like harbor and a sprinkle of herr. Say no


more, my herring bones on pinkglitter

herringbone floors, flowering my hims an altar


to lavenders, Dorothies, friends to sing of.

Hymning the poet out of the hue-man


or mighthaps the human out

of the hue-man, I am never sure


which— the thing is that I am he-

re, buddying and butting and budding


in singulars and plurals, and that’s what

I means, here, the theys, the third persons


and their thirty self-thirding theatrics, collectives

of bouquet or branch or vase, rendering blooms