Stephanie Kaylor


Burn bridges! Have unprotected sex with your clients and with other strangers! Overshare your interior on a public platform through which it can never fully translate, and follow this with a further oversharing of the other angles of it all in a futile attempt toward representing wholeness. Text your ex! Tell him he’s a piece of shit and beg for him to take you back. Footnote both of these arguments, and a third, and a fourth! Relax, baby! Take out another $20k student loan, because by the time you have to start paying them back perhaps you’ll have learned that time and money are not real even if the consequences of them are. This is okay and will resolve itself later. Trust. Live-laugh-love your way through substance abuse mitigated by the therapist you choose to seduce! You are begging for love and will do everything you can to make sure you receive anything but it.


I take you in my mouth
while Ancient Aliens is on
your TV in the background
you say you don’t believe
but it keeps you entertained

Stephanie Kaylor (they/she) is a Ph.D. student in Feminist Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she is completing research on sex work and labor coalition. In early 2021, they began the Sex Workers’ Archival Project, a platform through which primary sources related to sex work and workers, specifically mid- to late-twentieth century US policy and criminality, are shared for public use. She is Reviews Editor at Glass: A Journal of Poetry, and her work has appeared in numerous anthologies and publications including Bedfellows Magazine, Protean Magazine, and Flypaper Lit.