tendrils of thoughts 

                                                  again. touch them——and dreams dissolve. 

                                   unnatural, keep out, ashes and mask

                                                  doesn’t the name taste bitter in your mouth?  

                           act natural? what is natural anymore

                love is said loosely, i guarantee its mortality. 

                                                  yet you insist on loving me. 

                companions are but strangers with names. 

                                                     yet i know i see you 
    it will never be enough. yet you reach out for me alone. 

                                     you will turn, you will betray,  
                                                    torn to pieces from every side. 

     black ink dark storms invisible electricity  

                                      i can tear you down to anything, 

                                                                   phantoms seize me in imagination. 

                                                                                 aren’t you afraid?  

             the name is sweet on my lips. 

                                                                                        aren’t you afraid? 

embrace. an embrace.  

                                                                                                            aren’t you a—? 

be still.

This poem has previously appeared in Bowery Gothic.

Ellen Huang (she/her) is an ace writer of many vibes, from progressive devo to fairy tale to horror comedy. She reads for Whale Road Review and is published in 80+ places such as Amethyst Review, Periwinkle Lit, Royal Rose, the aurora journal, Ink & Nebula, Bowery Gothic, Lanke Review,and X-Ray Lit, among others. She lives in San Diego with her pan roommate. For more of her magic, follow: worrydollsandfloatinglights.wordpress.com

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